The Walking Dead: Our World Game Uses Augmented Reality

With the success of Pokemon Go, it makes sense that many developers have decided to jump aboard the augmented reality bandwagon. The latest game to use AR as a part of its gameplay mechanics is the newly announced Walking Dead game, The Walking Dead: Our World.

The Walking Dead: Our World Game Uses Augmented Reality

Being developed by Finish developer Next Games, The Walking Dead: Our World uses the technology to immerse the player into the deadly world of the franchise. Face off against the undead hordes alongside familiar and much-loved characters, including Rick, Daryl and even Michonne. The game will use location-based data from Google Maps on your mobile device as you scour your neighbourhood for survivors. Teemu Huuhtanen stated how making use of Google Maps’ location data will mean that, as new infrastructure is built, it will automatically be reflected in the game – immersing the player in the game’s world.

“With Google Maps, we can count on providing the most up-to-date location data, meaning that when new buildings or roads are built, we’ll have them in our game. “This enables us to create an immersive experience, tied to the players’ location. Google Maps’ unrivalled amount of location data, covering world-famous landmarks, businesses and buildings, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the London Eye, Burj Khalifa and India Gate, makes exploring your surroundings a breathtaking experience.”

Next Games have released a short trailer for the game showcasing some of the gameplay we can expect. It was also announced that The Walking Dead: Our World will debut at GDC which will be running from the 21st of March to the 23rd of March 2018.

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