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The Top Unique Burger Joints in Cape Town

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As much as craft beer has been sweeping this hipster city, so has the trend of new and unique burger joints. So we at Fortress went out and found the best that Cape Town has to offer. In no particular order, here’s places all you burger junkies need to go and check out for yourself.


Dog’s Bollocks

A trendy place found in the nook of town, locally known as The Yard, that offers giant burgers with a soft sesame seeded butter bun made by Woodstock Bakery. It is made for Eureka Mills stone ground flour, eggs and about 30% butter. They are baked in a wood-fired oven which adds tons of flavour to the dough. If you like huge burgers, vintage things, and badass quotes then this is the perfect place.

We tried the Po Boy (plain burger, New Orleans inspired) and the 3Bs (bacon, BBQ, cheese, burger). The one thing that stood out above other burger places was the stick dough in the buns. This place is also banting approved for all you Tim Okes out there. They also make their own craft beer called “The Dogs Bollocks” and “The Bitch’s Tits”, and they are pretty damn good if I do say so myself. All burgers are now served with chips for R85.

Other stuff: – Great old school rock n roll atmosphere.
– Very friendly waitresses (run entirely by ladies).
– This place is for students, leave your kids at Spur please.



From drags, to juicy meat (pun intended), the famous Green Point bar has a mouthful of burger exploding with taste. The theme is 50s and topless men – be prepared for dinner and a show.

We tried the infamous “Buffy The Hamburger Slayer” (beef patty, avo, bacon, mature cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, and creamy mushroom) and it was ridiculously good. If you love a well-constructed burger and can handle dudes handling dudes somewhere in the distance then you have to give it a try. This place is not for everyone, but it is definitely a Cape Town landmark for all things fabulous, beefy and bachelorette.

Other stuff: – 50s American style, with pop music and drag queens
Extensive cocktail menu – names are hilarious, unique, and fabulous


Hudson’s Burger Joint

Possibly the best burgers in Cape Town, with a patty no other can come close to. With a very student, yuppie vibe, Hudson’s Burger Joint serves the biggest milkshakes and cocktails money can buy. It is also home to local craft beer for all hipster enthusiasts.

Aah Hudsons… if I could marry a restaurant it definitely wouldn’t be Hudsons. Don’t be ridiculous, this is your mistress, your side chick, your bae.

Whilst the burgers themselves are impeccable with a very large variety, what brings it above most other burger joints is everything accompanying the burger:

– starters that are actually worth ordering
– craft beer selection bound to have you jotting things down in your moleskin dream journal
– deep fried Oreos… don’t ask questions, just do it!

Try The Boss Burger (mozzarella and cheddar cheese, BBQ beef, rib meat, and dill pickle), and The Rockafella (8 hour roasted pulled pork, cheddar cheese, and fried egg). You certainly will not be disappointed.

Other stuff: – Student appealing, especially with half price between happy hour
– GIANT milkshakes and cocktails, as well as a selection of local craft beer including their own – the Hudson’s Pale Ale


Da Vinci’s

An Italian restaurant that makes you feel like Da Vinci by giving everyone crayons – drawing isn’t just for kids. Also known for their amazing pizza, chilli poppers and sweet-tooth milkshakes.

This is a place that takes pride in doing all the little things just a little differently. It will make you feel like a kid again, whilst still maintaining a classy front. So go ahead and draw on your table and enjoy the bountiful amount of jelly beans you receive instead of mints.

We tried the Paris burger (brie cheese, avo, and bacon), and the New York burger (cream cheese, sweet chilli) – both beef

Other stuff: – Italian themed, so pizza is a pretty big deal here too.
– Chilli poppers are some of the best in town (ironically at an Italian place)


Café Extrablatt

German inspired, this café is sure to have you shniztling for all things beer and sports related.

In Cape Town we get many different types of cuisine offered to us everywhere, but I do believe that German food is lacking drastically though. Café Extrablatt comes as a remedy to that problem and is fast becoming wildly popular to locals and sports fans (especially German teams… World Cup anybody?)

We tried the biltong and brie, and the avo, peppadew and feta burgers. Very interesting combination’s, especially if you grab these burgers with some German starters.

Other stuff: – Perfect for private events or sports screenings


Franky’s Diner

A truly authentic diner experience, Franky’s truly encompasses the old-school American style. From sloppy Joes to burger eating competitions, this diner will take you back in time to simpler sugar/gluten endorsed days.

To Franky’s, red and black is everything. Authentic diner experience is taken to a whole new level with this hyper themed restaurant. They are all about the thick of the experience and food, big fat juicy burgers, big fat crispy fries and big fat creamy milkshakes. The variety of burgers is minimal all to add to the authentic experience. There’s plain, with cheese, or sloppy. For burger enthusiasts this is a must try. For professional fatties there is a Burger challenge available too, if you can finish their burger consisting of 6 beef patties, bacon, cheese, jalapeno chillies, fries and all the trimmings in less than 10 minutes and you get it for free. As well as a T-shirt and your name on the wall. Good luck!

Other stuff: – interactive TV/ PC screens on walls – can watch TV, skype, FB; added millennial style (not so authentic touch).
– also offer crazy footlongs.


The NOB (No Ordinary Burger)

This biker bar burger joint does two things right: make delicious burgers, and makes them BIG! Found in good ol Woodstock, this place is popular for both tourists and locals.

We love this place because it’s like the underdog of burger joints, not very well known to the public other than locals and hidden away behind 2 other businesses, it is primarily just a two-man operation.

Here you will find a massive burger… that’s about it. But make no mistake, that’s all you need here. What it lacks in menu items it makes up more than enough in character and pure deliciousness. We recommend the Porker, their bacon and bbq burger.

Other stuff – You might run into the neighbor’s cat while waiting for your food, which is an adorable surprise.

Other places worth mentioning

Gibsons – This relatively new restaurant is fast becoming known for the best burger in town, I find this a mighty bold statement and can’t wait to see what all the hype is about.

Royal Eatery – This restaurant wasn’t featured in the article because they reckoned they were above it. They have had the reputation of Cape Town’s best burger for a very long time, so it’s worth a try. Times are a changing though.

So this is by no means a written in stone type list, but rather a growing and changing list, due to the nature of food culture in this magnificent city. If there are any restaurants you think we have missed or you think is worth mentioning please comment below!

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