The Star Wars Humble Bundle

Star Wars


Following on from the hype surrounding Star Wars Episode VII, and the recently released Star Wars #1 comic, Humble Bundle has put together a Star Wars PC games bundle. This offering contains all of the classic Star Wars titles at different pricing tiers – all redeemable through Steam.

They are:

  • Pay what you want:
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
  • Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
  • Star Wars: Dark Forces

Pay more than the average:

  • Star Wars Battlefront II
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
  • Star Wars Republic Commando
  • More games coming soon

Pay $12 or more to unlock:

  • Star Wars Empire at War: Gold Pack
  • Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition
  • Star Wars: The Force unleashed II


This offer will be running for the next two weeks. I sincerely hope the unannounced games are the Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds titles.

Visit for the bundle.

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