The Sophisticated Ninja Turtles

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This awesome fanart By Jess, aka JBadgr, depicts the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as sophisticated gentleman living in the 17th century.

Mister Leonardo Hampson

Date of Birth: 13 November 1776

Profession: Gentleman

Mister Leonardo Hampson was the eldest of the Hampson brothers, and much cherished by his father, who felt for him the special love that exists for an eldest child whose tastes and temper mirrored his own. This preference was also due to the fact that Leonardo was the only one of his children who remembered their mother. Though not a merry child, Leonardo had been possessed of a great good humour, but the early death of his father, and the responsibility of providing for his family, had made him taciturn and grave, which was a great pity, for he was handsome despite his mutation, and possessed a keen wit and a gentle temper.

Captain Donatello Hampson

Date of Birth:14 February 1779

Profession: Captain (Post Rank), Royal British Navy

Captain Donatello Hampson was a quiet man, with a diffident manner and a lively, questioning mind which, while it made him a most interesting conversationalist, made him peculiarly unfit for high society, where breeding was held in higher regard than intellect, and a modest man might be easily dismissed as dull, and not esteemed nearly as much as his talents should allow him to be.

Captain Raphael Hampson

Date of Birth: 3 April 1778

Occupation: Officer in the First Royal Dragoons

Captain Raphael Hampson was known in the county as a fine man, strong of body and opinion, an excellent shot and an even more excellent horseman. He loved shooting in the autumn, and riding to hounds in the winter, and what with his dress and air of mastery, was so well regarded that his mutant status was hardly ever commented on, being considered vulgar. Of course it was also known that he had a searing temper and was vicious with the horsewhip when roused, and this might also have contributed to the general approval in which he was held by the local populace.

Mister Michelangelo Hampson

Date of Birth: 30 May 1781

Profession: Gentleman

Mister Michelangelo Hampson was an affable young man, whose sense of humour and desire for amusement was the bane of his elder brothers’ existence. Known for his love of sensation, he was always in active pursuit of entertainment. Even though he was a mutant, such were his talents that he never lacked for friends, and though at times his antics brought him close to social ruin, still people were inclined to forgive him, for he was such a merry fellow, who wished no harm to anyone.

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