The New iFrogz Headphones from Gammatek

Add These Super Powerful Headphones to Your Festive Season Wish List

Sure to be on music lovers’ wish lists this festive season is a set of nifty yet powerful iFrogz headphones made available in South Africa by Gammatek, a leading distributor of branded technology accessories in South Africa.
There are three innovative, on the go headphones available from iFrogz: the iFrogz Toxix Plus, iFrogz Luxe Air and iFrogz FreeRein.


iFrogz FreeRein Reflect headphone is the leader of the pack for discerning music enthusiasts. These wireless, Bluetooth enabled headphones deliver up to 13 hours of blissful sound, without bothersome wires. 40mm Drivers ensure a balanced sound that is ideal for any type of music at any volume. The rotational cups allow the wearer to listen comfortably for hours and then neatly fold up for easy portability. The iFrogz FreeRein Reflect comes with a 3.5mm jack for wired connections as well. The built in mic and onboard controls mean that the user can conveniently manage their calls and music. iFrogz FreeRein Reflect headphones are priced at R999.


iFrogz Luxe Air headphones are ultra light and feature rotational speakers that fold in for easy storage. 40mm Drivers deliver solid sound without annoying vibrations while the padded ear cups provide the perfect, comfortable fit. The headphones feature a Storage Clip cable management system, complete with an in-line, single button remote / microphone, to stop cables from getting in the way during activities and offer the convenience of managing calls and music with one button. Sleek and light weight, the iFrogz Luxe Air come in a range of metallic colours. iFrogz Luxe Air headphones are priced at R699.


The latest iFrogz earphone is the Ear Pollution Toxix Plus Earphone. These fashionable audio headphones feature a built in mic to allow the wearer to easily manage their music and voice calls. These iFrogz earphones feature a booming 30mm driver which delivers pounding bass and robust stereo sound. The built in mic is located on a flat, 1.2 metre, tangle-resistant cable for easy access. The cable ends in an angled jack that helps prevent accidental dislocation from media devices. The Ear Pollution Toxix Plus earphones are lightweight for utmost comfort and come in a range of modern metallic, ultra glossy colours, priced at R299.

These must-have iFrogz earphones are available at leading retail outlets. For information on your nearest stockist please contact Gammatek on 011-201 0800.

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