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Full colour productivity and performance with style – the new Dell Inspiron 5558 notebook from DCC

Get the perfect balance of beauty and performance with the new Dell Inspiron 5558 notebook from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). With a full 15 inches of high definition (HD) display, fast processors, excellent graphics and a range of customisable options to suit any need with an optional touch screen, this slim, portable notebook is the ultimate companion for the stylishly minded.

“Being digitally connected is essential for students, business people and home users today, but that is really only the beginning. As consumers, today we demand choices and customisation that ensures the solutions we use meet our needs precisely. The Dell Inspiron 5558 delivers perfectly on all accounts. Available in a variety of colours including blue, white, red and black, users can choose a shell that fits their personality best. Furthermore, true to Dell form, the internal specifications can be tailored with a variety of options around displays, graphics, processing power and more. This makes it the ideal machine for those who demand more than the mass-produced, standard business notebook,” says Terence Narayanan, Dell Consumer Product Specialist at DCC.

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All Inspiron 5558 notebooks include a full-size HDMI port plus USB 3.0 and a Media Card reader slot. In addition, spacious hard drive capacity of up to 2TB ensures you always have enough space for applications, movies, music, photographs, documents and every other aspect of your multimedia digital life. A range of high definition display options including anti-glare and a Full HD (FDH) 1080p touch screen extend the possibilities of using the device, with touch screen adding an intuitive additional experience layer optimised for the latest Windows operating system.

The latest Intel Core processors from i3 up to i7 provide plenty of processing power ideal for multitasking or heavy duty multimedia consumption, while enhanced graphics card options including NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon add extra graphics processing power, perfect for quick rendering of video files and transcoding media files into various formats. For enhanced connectivity to the online world, the Dell Inspiron 5558 supports the new, faster, longer-range 802.11ac wireless band. This provides better range for connecting to available Wi-Fi as well as improved speed and reliability of wireless connections, ideal for smoother surfing, better media streaming and enhanced video and voice chats.

“In addition to these features, the Inspiron 5558 offers an easy-to-use suite of Dell software which helps keep your data secure and let you access your data remotely. With a stylish design, sleek dimensions and a lightweight, portable form factor, not to mention up to eight hours of battery life depending on configuration, the Inspiron 5558 is the ideal companion for any user, wherever life’s travels may take you,” Narayanan concludes.

The Dell Inspiron 5558 is available immediately from resellers and leading retailers.

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