The Flame And The Flood Release Date Revealed

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The Flame and the Flood has finally received a release date after being on Steam Early Access for a couple of months.

It has been revealed that the game will launch on the 24th of February 2016 on PC and Xbox One. The Flame and the Flood is set in the wilderness of a post-society America, where you take on the role of Scout who is accompanied by her dog Aesop. At its heart the game is a survival game and has you scavenging for supplies, crafting items and generally trying not to die.

Below is the latest trailer for the game that gives players some handy tips on survival.

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1 Comment on "The Flame And The Flood Release Date Revealed"

  1. Poitjie (@thepoizone)

    This game is going to be amazing. It is done by some devs that where from games like Bioshock and Halo 2.

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