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The Empty Shop is an idea spawned in Brazil, and successfully launched at the VillaLobos Mall, São Paulo. The unique concept provides a new way of donating clothes by having them put on display, as in a regular shop, in the middle of the mall. The glass-framed layout allows onlookers to view the display, as well as provide them the opportunity to donate to the course. This concept comes to South Africa in 2014, and runs from 28th October 2014 (celebrity launch) to 16th November 2014, and will be on display at the Sandton City Mall, Johannesburg.

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“Although the clothes are the shop display, they also serve the purpose of drawing attention to the issue of poverty in our country,” says Sharon Swain, Regional Portfolio Manager: Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square. All donated clothing will go towards Sandton City’s charity of choice for this campaign, HospiceWits. See the press release below for full details and how you can get involved.

Press Release:

Sandton City has a heart of gold and while the centre is proud of being Africa’s ultimate shopping destination, Sandton City always seeks ways to help those for whom just buying a loaf of bread every day is often a struggle.

According to Statistics South Africa’s 2014 figures, 23-million South Africans are still living in poverty. To help combat this reality, Sandton City, in partnership with McCann Johannesburg, is proud to announce the launch of the award-winning global CSI campaign, The Empty Shop. Pioneered in São Paulo, Brazil, The Empty Shop has created a unique way of donating, and now it’s finally coming to South Africa.

“Having seeing the success of The Empty Shop at the VillaLobos Mall in Brazil, it was a natural fit for Sandton City. This concept will provide Sandton City shoppers and associates with a unique opportunity to act in a generous and kind-hearted way while doing their own shopping,” says Sharon Swain, Regional Portfolio Manager: Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square.

She adds: “Although the clothes are the shop display, they also serve the purpose of drawing attention to the issue of poverty in our country.”

A novel approach to giving to charity, The Empty Shop concept is very simple: donate, style and empty. From the general public to fashion bloggers, stylists and celebrities, everyone is invited to contribute pre-loved clothing, which is then transformed daily on mannequins with show-stopping looks. Not only will people be able to donate alongside famous fashion and personality faces in South Africa, everyone who donates clothing will unite and be part of a new initiative, bringing charity and fashion together! Every evening the store will be emptied and ready to receive new donations the next day.

“Our philosophy at McCann WorldGroup is centred on creativity and Truth. At this stage the Truth is that we all need to remember to give back to humanity. Through The Empty Shop, Sandton City and McCann have created a unique platform centred on creativity, fashion and unity to help the less fortunate,” says Karabo Denalane, McCann Johannesburg Managing Director.

Launching Tuesday, 28th October with a media and celebrity launch, The Empty Shop will see the first clothing donations displayed from 29th October to 16th November 2014. This ingenious fashion and charity store will be open in Sandton City’s Checkers Court daily from 9am to 7pm Monday to Thursday, 9am to 8pm Friday, and 9am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday.

All clothing contributions will go to Sandton City’s selected charity for 2014, HospiceWits.

“We are honoured to have been selected by Sandton City as the beneficiary of this exciting global CSI initiative. We urge South Africans to embrace The Empty Shop campaign – remember that your previously loved clothing can change someone else’s life,” says Joy Ruwodo, HospiceWits’s Marketing Manager.

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