Who runs the world? That’s right, it’s Disney! What started out as a dream to make imagination a reality has burst into a brand taking the world by storm. From television, to channels, to studios, to STAR WARS, Disney is whistling its way to world domination.

The 2014/2015 Disney Africa press showcase showed how Disney continues to bring smiles to both children and grown-up’s lives with their success in Disney Channel, Disney Junior, ABC Studios, Marvel and the most anticipated Lucasfilms.

Their top achievements range from winning the Sunday Time’s Generation Next Award for their Disney channel on DStv, to the most-loved animation Frozen reining in 1.3 Billion in Global Box Office. Marvel favourites, Thor and Captain America’s sequels surpassed their previous Box Office earnings, after the ever-popular Avengers movie. Disney on Ice is back in South Africa with performances starting from 24 July 2014, and ticket sales have already exceeded both 2012 and 2013 shows.


Moving on to the future, Disney has a lot in store for its fans! New movies, new shows, new merchandise, and the return of favourites. 2015 is a big year for Disney with the excited release of Star Wars Episode VII, but unfortunately they weren’t able to spill any details on those happenings other than the release date December 18, 2015 and cast of new and old characters from a galaxy far, far away…

Disney Junior, the #1 preschool channel is happy to announce a new show The Lion Guard, a spin-off of the much loved Lion King. The Lion Guard is the story about Kion, Simba and Nala’s first born son who is responsible in upholding peace in the Prideland with the power of the loudest roar in Africa.

Disney The Lion Guard

Miles from Tomorrowland, a new show about a boy and his family, who explore the wonders of outer space and what it means to be a family, will be launched July 2015. Old favourites including Doc Mcstuffins, Sofia the First, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates, who have taken the hearts of growing children, are continuing to bring happiness.

Season 1 of Doc Mcstuffins will be airing on Sabc 1 next month – recognition of how popular the show has become in South Africa. One of the highest rating episodes was the one where local celeb Unathi Msengana voiced Rita the Cheetah. Sofia the First has become a worldwide phenomenon among girls, and is secured for another 3 seasons – each focusing on the powers of different amulets. Jake and the Neverland Pirates is set to run until 2018 with Jake moving away from talking to the audience directly.

New Disney Movies include some fun for the boys with Cars 3 given the green light, and Planes 2 Fire and Rescue in production and ready for audiences at the end of this year. For the girls, shorts of Disney Academy where each popular Disney princess teaches their individual skills, shorts of Palace Pets is a look into the lives of the famous princess’ pets, a new Tinkerbell movie with her friend Fawn, and lastly Olaf shorts will be launched for everyone to enjoy!

A Disney Channel original movie, Disney Decendants¸ will launch September 2015 and will follow the redemption of the most evil villains in the land’s CHILDREN (Jafar, Malificent, Cruella De Vil, and The Evil Queen). Also, Disney XD will be welcoming a new show 7D about Snow White’s seven dwarves, and includes the voice talent of Kelly Osborne playing the evil novice witch.

The following are upcoming movie releases:

Big Hero 6 December 2014

Cinderella 3 April 2015

Inside Out 31 July 2015

The Good Dinosaur 29 January 2016

Finding Dory June 2016 (unfortunately they gave us no inside scoop!)

San Diego Comic-Con Avengers Poster

Marvel has an exciting 2014 and 2015! Guardians of the Galaxy is releasing in August 2014 as the first movie consisting of no Avenger characters, but seems to be meeting all the needs of Marvel fans. The much anticipated, and highly secretive, sequel to the Avengers franchise, Avengers: Age of Ultron, is set to release on the 1st of May. With some of the action scenes filmed in Johannesburg, South Africans should not miss out on this epic proportion of awesomeness. The ever popular cast welcomes three new superhumans – Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany).

BIG NEWS: Ant Man will be released July 2015; one of the founding members of the Avengers, Ant Man has a rich history in Marvel. Paul Rudd is the lucky man to play the comic hero who has the powers of communicating with ants, and retaining his strength when he shrinks – Ant Man is as dangerous as a bullet!


ABC Studios is proud to announce that the second season of Agents of Shield (the Marvel spin-off) is in production. Returning series include Devious Maids, Mistresses, and The Fosters, as well as a new series called Killer Women about the role of women in the Wild West.

Be prepared for 2015 to be all about Star Wars, with stand-alone films telling the backstories of fan favourites to follow in 2016, and Star Wars Rebels (a bridge between the trilogies) to launch on Disney XD soon.

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