The Dark Knight Over 75 years – Infographic

the dark knight over 75 years
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Batman has taken on many different shapes and forms over the last 75 years. This cool infographic created by a group of enthusiasts and illustrators (including Hugo A Sanchez, Jose Luis Barros, Seyyed De la Llata, Dwynn Trazo, Niño Jose Heredia, Nasir Khan, Nawal Zahzah) is nothing short of awesome. It features a lot of cool details (vehicles, masks, weapons, movies, costumes, etc.) about the Caped Crusader.

The Dark Knight has evolved over the decades in the different universes of comic books, TV shows, movies and even video games and this is a look at the man behind the mask, 20 of the most iconic, popular and oddest incarnations, his gadgets and barmobiles.


Batman-infographic 2




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