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It doesn’t take much to get the rumour mill for Star Wars going. Over the years there have been dozens upon dozens of Star Wars fan theories. In celebration of May the 4th, we take a look at the best of them…

Chewbacca is a secret Rebel agent


Could Chewbacca have been on the side of the rebels all along? Could he have held back on telling Han Solo where his true loyalties lie? Probably. In Revenge of the Sith, Chewie is good friends with Yoda and a high-ranking warrior during the defence of Kashyyyk. So why would he suddenly appear as a nobody smuggler with Solo in the next few movies? The theory is that it’s because Yoda, who was in hiding, needed Chewie to be his eyes and ears while he was away. Perhaps Chewie even manipulated Han to turn him into the Rebel legend he became later on?

Qui-Gon Jinn is a Sith Lord

Qui-Gon Jinn is a secret Sith

One Redditor’s theory on Qui-Gon Jinn could change everything you thought you knew about the Jedi Master. If we look at we know about him —

1. He was an apprentice of Count Dooku,
2. His first apprentice Xanatos fell to the Dark Side,
3. He went behind the back of the Jedi Order and the Republic to create the Clone Army which would later destroy the Jedi completely and become the backbone of the Galactic Empire,
4. He pushed the Jedi into accepting to train Anakin, despite the fact he knew that he had much anger within him
5. And his actions throughout Episode 1 led to the Jedi’s involvement in the Federation war and the escalation of the Civil War

— all of it points to him being a Sith.

Boba Fett killed Luke’s aunt and uncle

Boba Fett Killed Luke's Aunt and Uncle

The theory goes that Darth Vader needed to find the plans stored within R2-D2 and sent Boba Fett to retrieve them. When Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru stood in the way, they got disintegrated. But how do we know this? That facts prove that —

1. Boba Fett Was At The Scene of the Crime
2. Boba Fett Had Stormtrooper DNA
3. Then there’s that “No Disintegrations” scene. In The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader says, “you are free to use any methods necessary, but I want them alive. No disintegrations.” The “no disintegrations” comment is directed at Boba Fett, who simply responds, “as you wish.” Could there have been a problem in the past?

Han Solo is an untrained Jedi

Han Solo is an untrained Jedi

It’s pretty easy to see that the force was with Solo right from throughout all the movies. How else would you explain how he survived death in asteroid fields or managed to kill Greedo? Perhaps only Obi-Wan knows the truth.

E.T. is a Jedi

ET is in The Phantom Menace. Well, at least his race is in the Star Wars Universe. But the little guy is able to use the force and, of course, there is also that scene where he has the robe on his head. I mean come’on!?

E.T. is a jedi

Ewoks are really savage


As cute and furry as they may look and appear, The Ewoks did attempt to eat Han and Luke. And what was up with that scene where they play the drums with the helmets of Stormtroopers? Let’s be honest, these teddy bear-like creatures are carnivorous. Perhaps the only reason why they helped was in hopes that they could eat all the dead humans.

The Jedi are not supposed to be an intergalactic police force


One Redditor’s theory points out that the Jedi are not fulfilling their primary reason for existing; they were founded to teach force sensitives how to remain sane.

That’s why so much of the training is focused on meditation and the suppression of emotion, why they live like isolated ascetics and aren’t allowed to have romantic relationships, and why they need to be recruited at a young age- before the sanity-warping effects of the Dark Side set in. The Jedi fell because they’d begun to forget their true purpose, expanding their political power at the expense of their primary duty of finding and training force sensitives before they inevitably become monsters like Palpatine.

Luke Skywalker was a decoy


When you think about it Obi-Wan Kenobi didn’t really try to hard to hide Luke from his father. Not only was Luke “hidden” on Darth Vader’s homeworld Tattooine, but Kenobi left him with Vader’s stepbrother Owen and let him use Vader’s original last name. Reddit user DarthTallahassee has a theory, “With Leia, [Kenobi] placed her FAR off, gave her a new identity, etc. Vader was supposed to find and kill Luke, and believe that was his only threat, where Leia would have taken him by surprise. Luke was a decoy fall guy the whole time.”

General Grievous Is Darth Maul

General Grievous Is Darth Maul

Is it possible that it’s a possibility that in early drafts of Revenge of the Sith, that General Grievous may have been conceived as Darth Maul resurrected? Think about it. Of course, the release of the film confirmed this wasn’t actually true. But the theory might have made for a great story. Unfortunately, this theory has been proven false.

Ben Kenobi Is A Clone Called OB-1


It has been suggested that Obi-Wan was actually OB-1, a clone who went by his code name. The most important piece of evidence is obviously that Ben fought in the Clone Wars. Obi-Wan Kenobi would die in the prequels and the Ben Kenobi of the classic trilogy would be revealed to be a clone. But it didn’t happen.

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