Thad Castle as Shazam

Fans with a keen eye might have noticed that the Warner Bros. released DCEU artwork from Comic-Con revealed a Shazam that looks a lot like Alan Ritchson. Now, the Thad Castle actor has taken to Twitter to confirm suspicions, again.

Thad Castle as Shazam Alan Ritchson

It’s hard to deny that Alan Ritchson looks remarkably similar to the Shazam character featured in the above picture. Although he hasn’t been officially announced as Captain Marvel yet, Ritchson has been trolling fans and confirming the news for years already. The problem is that nobody is taking him seriously. Back in September 2016, we reported that Alan Ritchson said he will be playing Shazam alongside Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. The internet shrugged it off as gossip and continued to fan cast their favourites to take up the role. Now, Ritchson has taken to Twitter again:

Horror director David F. Sandberg recently confirmed that he is directing the DCEU’s Shazam and is already far along in the production. Sanberg mentioned that he has talked with Geoff Johns and New Line Cinema about the character and that they’ve already completed a script. “It’s coming along pretty well. It’s far down. Very happy with the script and how it’s coming along. It’s super exciting,” he revealed to Kevin Smith at Comic-Con.

Ritchson, who played the CGI version of Raphael in the new TMNT franchise and Aquaman in Smallville, certainly has the look. Like most of the DC actors, he is quite muscular. But is this just another actor trolling fans or is there truth to the reveal?


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