Terry Crews

Ever looked at Actor Terry Crews and thought, man, that guy has so many muscles he needs to be in a video game? Well, Terry seems to agree with you.

Terry Crews has enlisted the aid of the Twitterverse to help him become the voice of the Overwatch character Doomfist. Crews visited developer Blizzard, home of Overwatch, in December and seemed quite hyped to be there.

For those not familiar with Overwatch, Doomfist is a character in Overwatch lore who wears a gauntlet that gives him the power to bring skyscrapers tumbling down. Although not much has been revealed about the character we have seen some art featuring the Doomfist as well as having to guard his mythical gauntlet as part of an in-game escort mission.

I for one think that Terry would be the perfect voice for Doomfist, and most of the Twitterverse would seem to agree.


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