Mr Robot

Telltale games  (Walking Dead series) along with Night studios (Oxenfree) have released a new mobile game app based on the award-winning series Mr. Robot.

Mr Robot
The new app titled Mr. Robot:151 exfiltrati0n.apk is set in the Mr. Robot universe and allows players to become personally involved with the characters from the underground hacker group called fsociety. Most of the gameplay mechanics revolve around chatting with the show’s characters through the messaging app as they race to uncover data that they need in order to hack the multinational company, Evil Corp. The main drive behind the development of the app was to make viewers feel like they are part of the show and narrative by enabling them to have meaningful interactions with the characters.

For those unfamiliar with the show, it follows Elliot Alderson who works as a cyber-security engineer as he becomes involved in the underground hacking group fsociety after they decide to recruit him.
The game app is available on both the iOS and Google Play store.
Below is a video that gives us a bit more information about the game app.

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