It seems that Techland, the developers behind Dead Island and Dying Light are currently working on two new games, and one might be Dying Light 2.


In an interview with Eurogamer, Pawel Marchewka (CEO TechLand) revealed that the studio was working on two new games and that one of these will be a brand new IP. He also indicated that the new IP would be an open world game with RPG elements. As with previous Techland games, it will have co-op multiplayer as well as single-player.

When asked about the possibility of  a Dead Island 2 being in development Marchewka replied “No…We had a talk about it but I think Dying Light and [the so-far unannounced] Dying Light 2 would be games which are…”

However, nothing has been confirmed by Marchewka as he refused to comment on whether the second game could indeed be Dying Light 2 . He indicated that both the games have been in development for about a year and that we could expect to see them possibly launch withing three years.

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