Nokia Lumia 1320: Review

Nokia gained some much need traction with the Lumia smartphones over the past year, although the company still relied heavily on its feature phone segment. This, unfortunately, wasn’t enough to
By Evan Saunders on 30 Jun 2014

Nokia Asha 503: Review

Nokia has spent most of the recent past marketing their Lumia brand. Although the brand struggled to gain traction at the start, it slowly picked up as the devices became
By Evan Saunders on 25 Jun 2014

Nokia Lumia 1520: Review

During the course of 2013, Nokia and Windows Phone saw the biggest increase year on year. While still being some way off the top of the charts, it shows that
By Evan Saunders on 04 Mar 2014

Nokia Lumia 1020: Review

Nokia has seen an improvement in the smartphone market share in 2013, thanks largely in part to producing devices suited to today’s market. Shortly after releasing the flagship Lumia 925,
By Evan Saunders on 20 Dec 2013

Nokia Lumia 925: Review

A week ago, Nokia shareholders approved a proposed deal that would see Microsoft purchase the Finnish company’s Devices and Services unit, which includes the likes of the Lumia range of
By Evan Saunders on 27 Nov 2013

Nokia Lumia 625: Review

Nokia is the leading manufacturer of Windows Phone OS smartphones, while Android and iOS continue to dominate the market. Moreover, the Android-based smartphones lead the way with larger screened devices,
By Evan Saunders on 07 Oct 2013

Nokia Lumia 920 (with Charging Pillow by Fatboy)

Nokia and Microsoft announced their first Windows Phone smartphone, with the Nokia Lumia 800, almost two years ago. Although the venture struggled to take off, the Lumia brand has made
By Evan Saunders on 13 Jun 2013

Nokia Lumia 820

Almost immediately after the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft and Nokia announced the new range of Lumia smartphones with the new Windows Phone 8 OS. The two devices that were
By Evan Saunders on 11 Feb 2013

Nokia Lumia 900

There are many other Windows Phone smartphones available on the market, but none as popular as the Nokia Lumia series. With a line-up already consisting of the Lumia 610, Lumia
By Evan Saunders on 30 Jul 2012