Model: Xperia P
1 GHz Dual-Core Cortex-A9
Mali-400MP GPU
1305mAh Li-Ion Battery
16GB Internal Storage
8MP Camera
4.0", 540x960px
Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine Display

Ease of Learning: 4 / 5

Ease of Use: 4 / 5

Enjoyment: 4 / 5

Design: 4.5 / 5

Value for Money: 3 / 5

When the new Sony Xperia range was launched in South Africa back in May, there were 4 smartphones launched. These included the Xperia P, S, U and Sola. Having already reviewed the Xperia S in early July, today we take a closer look at the Xperia P.

Sony Xperia P - Box

If you didn’t have a Sony Xperia S on hand, you would be mistaken for alleging that the 2 smartphones are exactly the same, with the Xperia P having the same design theme and build. The first difference to note is the Touch-Sensitive Buttons. Unlike the Xperia S with its Touch-Sensitive Buttons above the transparent film, the Xperia P’s button are on the transparent film, making its design slightly more appealing.

The internals see a slight decrease in specifications. The Xperia S packs a 12MP camera and 1.5GHz Dual-Core CPU and 4.3” screen. The Xperia P doesn’t pack as much punch with its 8MP camera, 1GHz Dual-Core CPU and 4” screen. This places the Xperia P in the mid-range category smartphone. The Xperia S also has a more powerful battery, although the Xperia P has a longer battery life, mostly due to its decrease in power. There are a number of other comparisons in regards to specifications, but nothing unexpected.

Sony Xperia P - Colours

Along with the smartphone, Sony also included their NFC Smart Tag for review. Smart Tags are, in short, automatic action triggers by means of NFC. Each tag can be programmed to run applications, set volumes and alarms, turn on Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi Hotspot, play music, send SMSes, open URLs, and pretty much anything you would normally use your phone for. Those you generally label themselves as “technologically challenged” needn’t worry, as setting up the process can take less than 1 minute. Using the setup menu, you simply have to select a Smart Tag profile, name it, select your actions and then you’re as good as ready. Whenever you wish to trigger the profile, simply swipe your Xperia smartphone over the Smart Tag, and everything is changed as required.

Sony Xperia P - Smart Tags

All-in-all, the Sony Xperia P is a slightly less powerful, and slightly smaller smartphone than the Sony Xperia S. The Xperia P, however, is about R1500 cheaper than the Xperia S, with prices starting from R3999. As for the Smart Tags, costs average around the R170 mark. As with the other Xperia smartphones, the Xperia P also hasn’t introduced the Android 4.0 upgrade as yet. The good news this time around, is that the roll-out has already started around the world; only time will tell when South Africans can share the same privilege.

The Xperia P doesn’t lose too much in terms of functionality and overall device satisfaction over the Xperia S. In terms of being a mid-range smartphone, the Xperia P is on the edge of the price threshold. Be that as it may, there aren’t many better mid-range smartphones on the market.

You can find the full specifications here.

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