Model: Samsung DA-E750
Channel: 2.1 Surround Sound
Speakers: 2x20W, Built-in Woofer
Connectivity: AllShare Play, USB Host 2.0, Micro-USB, AirPlay, Bluetooth, Built-in Wireless LAN, 3.5mm Jack
Accessories: Remote Control
Weight: 8.6kg
Dimensions: 450x148x240mm
Direct Play Formats: MP3, WMA, APTX Decoding Format
Product Link: Samsung South Africa

Ease of Learning: 3.5 / 5

Ease of Use: 4.5 / 5

Enjoyment: 4.5 / 5

Design: 5 / 5

Value for Money: 2.5 / 5

Samsung has been known to operate in many different market spaces, from smartphones to dishwashers, and more. Samsung also have a host of different speakers and docking stations in their catalogue. Surprisingly, Samsung’s DA-E750 is its first dock that supports their line-up of Galaxy smartphones as well as the Apple iOS devices (excluding the new lightning connectors), thanks to its dual docking capabilities.

Samsung Wireless Audio - Front Angle

At first glance, there’s plenty to take in with the DA-E750. There’s no getting around the fact that despite this being a docking and speaker set, it is aesthetically pleasing and makes a good enhancement to your living without being overbearing. Although the Vacuum Tube Amp is more a technology feature, which offers “natural sound and a pure listening experience”, it, too, adds to the overall design.

On the front of the unit, you will find the 2 speakers which form part of the 2.1 surround sound setup. You will find the 100 watt subwoofer on the rear, which also includes the dual dock, power source, and the auxiliary and LAN jacks. On the top of DA-E750 there are 2 circular objects, the vacuum tube covered by its glass casing, and the metallic control pad. This control unit includes buttons for volume, play/pause and input switch. It also includes an LED display that provides basic information about Wi-Fi connectivity and input selection.

The device offers various means of connectivity. These include analogue input (by means of the 3.5mm jack), USB port, microUSB dock, Apple dock (30-pin), Bluetooth and LAN. Samsung also offers an app, available via the Google Play Store, which automatically triggers Bluetooth streaming when docked. There have been many connection issues encountered with the app, but if all else fails, you can simply pair the device by means of the Bluetooth settings menu. In addition, the DA-E750 also supports wireless audio playback via Samsung AllShare specifically for Samsung Galaxy devices, including tablets, and Airplay for Apple devices. Even more impressive is its SoundShare functionality, which supports audio streaming from Samsung TVs.

Samsung Wireless Audio - Back

The vacuum tube acts as a pre-amplifier while the power amplifier (which lies internally) uses digital technology, which offers clear sound quality and good bass at moderate to semi-loud sound levels. Unfortunately, this device isn’t without its flaws, which is evident when reaching maximum volume. At this high volume, the bass distorts quite noticeably, while the sound quality isn’t as clear, most significantly for music with higher bass levels.

Although there are many ways to connect and stream audio to the DA-E750, it isn’t without its own issues, as setting up wireless streaming can sometimes become complicated and even non-functional at times. This, then, provides motivation as to why you would need this many points of connectivity in the end.

Samsung Wireless Audio - Top

The recommended retail price of the Samsung DA-E750 Wireless Audio with Dock is R6,999. Although you can find cheaper deals if you shop around, like R5,500 at Dion Wired, there’s no denying that this device is on the expensive side, by quite some margin. The price though, may have been more acceptable (and a lot less painful) if not for the dip in sound quality at higher volumes.

Its multiple connections, both physical and wireless, allow almost any device to connect and play audio. And if you can ignore the price, you will have a decent enough 2.1 speaker and docking station, and a great addition to the furniture in your living room, as the DA-E750 is beautiful on its own.

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