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Model: Rhino Hand Burr Grinder
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Ease of Learning: 4 / 5

Ease of Use: 4.5 / 5

Enjoyment: 3 / 5

Design: 4.5 / 5

Value for Money: 3 / 5

Coffee grinders were always a bit of an anomaly to me, not because of their use, but rather because I always figured one would simply buy pre-ground coffee beans without any issues. And while my ignorance at the time may be forgivable once the mistake was realised, the grinder still remains a bit of a grudge purchase for many, with options to buy ground coffee on a daily basis, which may seem like a bit of a mission, but has its rewards.

Still, the coffee grinder remains an important part of the daily coffee making process, whether you have it ground in store, or right before your freshly made brew. Rhinowares released the second version of its hand-held grinder, the Rhino Hand Burr Grinder.

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Build and Design

The Rhino Hand Burr Grinder is very good looking unit, with its minimalistic look. Its stainless steel finish makes it look and feel very premium. The diminutive size also makes it extremely portable, fitting comfortably in your bag wherever you go. The materials used also make it easy to clean, washed out by means of a quick rinse with warm water under the tap. The cylindrical frame makes it more comfortable to hold in your hand as your turn on the arm, and with the addition of the rubber around the centre, makes it easier to grip. The unit measures 17cm in height with the arm attached, while the arm itself is 15cm across. It also weighs just 500g, so it isn’t heavy at all.

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For almost all types of coffee beans, the Rhino Hand Burr Grinder makes light work of grinding. The results are consistent, producing what you deem the perfect grind size. A simple adjustment on the burrs allow for varying grind styles and coarseness, such as those preferred for filter, espresso and or even AeroPress sizes. The unit is capable of holding up to 42g of ground beans, sufficient to make roughly two cups of coffee.

The unit makes use of conical ceramic burrs instead of blades to grind the beans. The first reason for this choice, is that blade grinders, when continuously turned produces smaller and smaller particles, while the entire batch may not have been completely ground. For a more consistent size, burrs are used instead. A consistent size allows for better flow of water through the beans, and avoids issues such as channelling, a result which means less of the coffee is actually brewed. In addition, the system also allows for better separation of ground beans and those still waiting to be processes.

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At a cost of R955 for the Rhino Hand Burr Grinder, Rhinoware claim it to be the most affordable of premium build grinders on the market. And I wouldn’t disagree with the statement. The results of the ground beans, the build quality, the design and look, the adjustable burrs for varying ground coarseness, and the ease of cleaning all make the unit very impressive. The portable nature also makes it a must have for those on the go, alongside one of the other reviewed products available at More Flavour Company.

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