Model: Mini Boombox
Connection: Bluetooth 2.1, 3.5mm Auxiliary
Speakers: Total: 6w RMS, FS: 3w x 2
Frequency: 200Hz - 15KHz
Controls: Power On/Off, Volume control, Track Control, Call Control, Play/Pause
Battery: Li-Ion, Removable, Rechargeable, up to 10 hours
Physical: 115.5x71.2x57.7mm, 230g
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Ease of Learning: 2.5 / 5

Ease of Use: 4 / 5

Enjoyment: 4 / 5

Design: 2 / 5

Value for Money: .5 / 5

As we all know, Logitech is one of the leading brands in terms of computing peripherals. These peripherals include mouses and keyboards, webcams, laptop and tablet stands, remotes, headsets, microphones and, most famously, speakers. It is the latter that has been at the forefront of Logitech’s success over the years. Along with their range of desktop speakers, Logitech also offer a number of portable speakers specifically for smartphones. One of these includes the Logitech Mini Boombox.

Logitech Mini Boombox - Box

After unpacking the device from its packaging, you understand the meaning of its name, Mini Boombox. The Boombox has dimensions of 115.5×71.2×57.7mm and weighs a mere 230g. To connect, there are two options, via Bluetooth or 3.5mm auxiliary cable. The Bluetooth 2.1 connection is capable of pairing with other Bluetooth devices, which means that the speaker is not device or platform-dependent. The same applies to its auxiliary connection.

Connecting the Mini Boombox via Bluetooth takes just a few seconds, although it’s not intuitive, as you are forced to take a quick glance at the User Guide/User Manual. To connect, first make sure that you have switched the device on using the switch found on the back. To follow, also make sure that you have turned on your Bluetooth on your smartphone (or other device you’re connecting from). To pair the device, press and hold the Bluetooth/Call touch panel button, found in the centre, until a blue light flashes around the Logitech logo in the front. Once this is completed, you can now pair the device with your smartphone and set it as the primary audio output. If you’ve paired the device previously, you do not have to repeat the process again, and your smartphone, in most cases, will pair automatically and immediately be used as the primary audio output.

Logitech Mini Boombox - Angle

There are two speakers found within the Mini Boombox, which produces 6w RMS (FS: 3w x2). “A specially designed acoustic chamber delivers great sound with enhanced bass.” This statement is quite true, as the bass produced from this little device is quite impressive. The sound quality, while the device reaches sounds that are quite high, is nothing more than bearable. When using the word “bearable”, it simply means that it’s better than that found on most laptops and smartphones, while nowhere close to replacing desktop speakers, or your car’s sound system for that matter.

As mentioned, the Mini Boombox has touch panel buttons looks good while being efficient to use. The touch panel buttons are backlit, making it clearly visible night and day. The device packs a 700mAh battery inside, which has a play-time of up to 10 hours. The only negative aspect in terms of its battery is that it takes approximately 3 hours to recharge using the included USB cable.

To make things easier when connected to your smartphone, the device includes a built-in microphone for use when making and receiving calls.

Logitech Mini Boombox - Rear

The greatest disappointment about the Logitech Mini Boombox lies in its cost. At an average retail price of R900, this portable, Bluetooth connection speaker is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. If you consider that a good set of desktop speakers (5.1 surround sound speakers) will cost between R600 and R1000 (even a few in the Logitech range), it makes no sense to pay such a high price for a speaker that will never match the audio quality. Having enjoyed using the device on and off over the two week review period, it saddened me when I discovered its price.

If you’re looking for a lightweight portable, Bluetooth-enabled speaker the Mini Boombox has the adequate specs. If, while shopping around, you find another portable, Bluetooth-enabled speaker for less than R200, there’s really no need to spend time debating the decision over which to purchase.

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