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Model: G710+
Product Link: Logitech South Africa

Ease of Learning: 4 / 5

Ease of Use: 4 / 5

Enjoyment: 4 / 5

Design: 3 / 5

Value for Money: 2 / 5

There are a number of gaming keyboards available on the market. Moreover, a new trend of mechanical gaming keyboards has become the choice for hardcore gamers, with only a trickle of these around the market. Logitech, well known for its gaming peripherals, has also joined the mechanical era with their Logitech G710+ keyboard, which has quite a number of features added to give the gamer everything they might need.

Logitech G710 - Internals

The Logitech G710+ includes six dedicated, programmable keys, a rubberised volume wheel, a game mode button, and adjustable backlight. Each of the keys is styled with an angular face with a plastic build and black/grey colour finish. The overall design has a sense of minimalism, which is only broken by the bright orange surrounding the programmable keys that are placed on the left side of the board, separated into groups of two. The only real problem with the design is that there is plenty of space between each of the keys, which is quite likely to nest a few crumbs beneath them.

The backlight is split into two zones, one for gaming keys and one for all the rest. The gaming keys are also greyed, for some differentiation between the normal keys. The ‘game mode’ key puts the keyboard in gaming mode, which disables a number of keys that aren’t used while playing, such as the Windows, Caps Lock and Num Lock keys. The G710+ is quite a large and heavy unit, giving it a solid build quality. Beneath you’ll find quite a bit of rubber to stop it from moving around even the slightest while gaming, or vigorously typing. In fact, during the two weeks of use, I don’t recall having moved the keyboard at all while in use.

Logitech G710 - Palm Rest

The G710+ is powered by twin-USB inputs, at the end of a two metre-long cable, which is covered in a thick rubber finish. This, unfortunately, makes it quite hard to manoeuvre or bend. Although a braided finish would have been a more suitable finish for such a long cable, the one positive from the rubberised coat is that it removes any inclination of getting itself twisted. As mentioned, there are two USB inputs for the keyboard, one to power the unit itself, and one for the USB pass-through port. Although this is a useful addition to have on the keyboard, its positioning makes it tricky to accommodate a number of USB devices, and even less impressive that it only supports USB 2.0.

Logitech G710 - USB

There are a number of features included on the Logitech G710+ to make it worthwhile, but the lack of consideration/effort for each of its features and additions makes it hard to love. If you’re serious about gaming, then the R1800 price wouldn’t bother you as much as the average person, but when you consider that you may not be truly happy with your purchase as the end of the day, it makes for a difficult decision choosing the Logitech G710+. In the end, despite all its features, the G710+ doesn’t have that knockout punch you may have wanted.

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