Liquid Image Ego WiFi Action Camera Review

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Model: Ego WiFi
Specifications: 3MP Sensor
12MP Still Images
1080p Video at 30fps
720p Video at 60fps
135 Degree field of view
Lens – F/3.2
1/2 – 1/8000 second shutter speed
Pricing: R2 299
Product Link:

Ease of Use: 4 / 5

Pricing: 4 / 5

Video Quality: 4 / 5

Photo Quality: 3.5 / 5

Features: 4.5 / 100

Since the rise of the GoPro there has been many pretenders trying and claiming to do the same and be as good. Most of those failed though, and every now and then a new player steps up, actually living up to its claims. Sony’s Action camera is one of the more recent entries into the Action Camera market that’s as good as it claims. Another such entrant has VERY quietly sneaked onto the market, in the form the Liquid Image Ego Action Camera, a very capable camera that addresses many of the big issues that has been plaguing Action Cameras for such a long time now.

Liquid Image Ego Action Camera

Liquid Image wasn’t a name I’ve heard of before I got handed the Ego Action Camera. So, unsurprisingly, I was quite sceptical about what this camera was actually capable of.

At first glance the Ego is quite an unassuming camera. It’s substantially smaller than a GoPro and with its rounded corners makes it a lot more aerodynamic and less wind resistant, which makes a lot of sense, as most of its will be spent careening at or over or down some place at high speeds. It comes in a variety of colours, including red, yellow, white, black and blue.

On top of the camera is the small, basic little LCD screen that shows you just the most needed info to get the camera working, as well as the two buttons that you use in different combinations to set different shooting modes on the camera.

Liquid Image Ego Action Camera

There is nothing at the back. The Ego Camera doesn’t have a preview screen. But here’s where the Ego Camera gets clever. The Ego Camera is Wi-Fi enabled, and coupled with either an Android or iOS app that you can download for free, enables your phone or tablet to be its preview screen. So the bigger and better your phone/tablet’s screen, the bigger and better the Ego Camera’s preview screen.

What’s also really nice about the app is that you can set everything through it, rather than those two little buttons on top of the camera. Through the app you can access all the settings in a proper interface, and make sure that everything is set right.

The Wi-Fi worked a treat. The first time the camera and my phone connected took around 10-15 seconds, but thereafter it took around 5 or so seconds every time I needed to connect. Setting it up is as easy as connecting to any other Wi-Fi network. It connected every time and never dropped the connection.

Liquid Image Ego Action Camera

One thing to be aware of is that the Ego Camera shoots to a MicroSD card and not a standard SD card. It would have been nice if they could have standardised that to a normal SD card, as most cameras nowadays use SD cards, but still looking at the size of the camera, it would be hard to fit and SD slot in there, plus, if your phone’s card is Class 6 or higher, you can use it to shoot with. In fact, the card I shot with was only Class 4, yet everything came out perfectly.

The one thing the app doesn’t do is play back the shot footage, and since the Ego Camera has no screen, you have to wait in anticipation until you get home and download the footage.

Thankfully the Ego Camera didn’t disappoint. In fact, it was surprisingly good. Easily up there with the GoPro. Footage didn’t look compressed; artifacting was kept to a minimum and the camera handled huge shifts in contrast extremely smoothly.

Liquid Image Ego Action Camera

The only time I managed to rattle it a bit was shooting with it aimed right at the sun, and then it started flickering a bit after about 5-10 seconds. Apart from that, the exposure and colour rendition was impressive. Driving on the highway and going underneath a bridge, and back out into direct sunlight didn’t faze the camera. I even strapped it to my tennis racket, and hit a few balls with it. Even as the sun was setting and lighting conditions got really tricky, never me swinging the racket at who knows what speeds, when you look at the footage, there were absolutely no issues is exposure or colour shifting. And with the faster 60fps shoot rate at 720p, it’s quite interesting to see the racket move through the air and make contact with the ball.

The biggest problem the Ego Camera has is availability. It’s just not as readily available as one would like. Hopefully this can be addressed, as this product deserves to do well.

The Ego Camera is an impressive addition to the ever expanding action camera segment.

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