Tech Gift Guide 2016

As is always the case, there are just too many gadgets and general tech to go through each year, whether it be to review, or even simply cover in an article. There are, however, a few major players in the industry, some of whom selected their best units for consideration for your 2016 Xmas wishlist.

The products below range from the simple and affordable, to the high-tech and high-end.





Asus has divided their range of laptops into two categories, that of the ROG gaming units, and the mainstream units, all of which are available this festive season. In addition, the units chosen are the top five from each of the categories.


    1. G752VS-GC031T @ R 39,990 (Evetech)
    2. G752VM-GC007T @ R 32,999 (Evetech)
    3. GL502VM-FY008T @ R 29,999 (Evetech)
    4. G552VW-DM816T @ R 29,990 (DionWired)
    5. FX550VX-DM282T @ R 19,990 (DionWired)


    1. A555LF-XX406T @ R 6,990 (DionWired)
    2. X556UA-XO417T @ R 8,999 (Makro)
    3. X540LJ-XX692T @ R 5,990 (Makro)
    4. X540LA-XX525T @ R 6,799 (HiFi Corp)
    5. X540SA-XX024T @ R 4,499 (HiFi Corp)


  • LG V20 @ R10,999.00
  • LG Signature OLED 4K TV 65″ @ R99,000 (DionWired)


  • Huawei P9 Plus @ R13,500.00

Western Digital

You can also view the WD gift guide presentation here.

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