Customers hoping to get free delivery on items under R450 from Takealot are in for a shock. It seems that South African’s number one online eCommerce site has increased their shipping pricing, which now includes a R450 minimum order to qualify for free shipping.

Takealot Delivery increase

South African consumers took to Twitter to express their disapproval of Takealot’s increase in shipping rates. If you’re thinking of ordering a Blu-ray or two, you might want to add a few more products to your cart before checking out. R450 is nearly double the previous minimum, which allowed consumers to buy smaller items at a decent price without the worry of shipping costs. Along with the minimum increase, Takealot also recently increased shipping costs from R30 to R60 and removed the free shipping on all items (no minimum required) on it’s mobile app.

“Making this change allows us to keep our prices low, delivery charges the same, and keeps our delivery options competitive with other South African online stores,” Takealot told MyBroadband.

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  1. I literally mailed them about this today as last two orders I had to pay R60 for courier.
    Just going to collect from now on, I work around the corner anyway.
    It does suck though. Immensely.

  2. Old Naspers media 24 strategy. Get control of the market and then screw the public. This is one of the reasons that I suppport small businesses like redpepper books even if they are sometimes a little but mire expensive. We as consumers need to support small businesses if we want to survive in the long term.

  3. Talk about daylight robbery. Its not like you getting your order the same or next day. They keep switching couriers..One day is Mr D the next its FAst….All the drivers are full of crap. Come outside, hoot 5 times make a big noise then pull off. They wont even get out of the vehicle anymore.

  4. Rignold Haywood

    Raru, really? They never have stock and you wait 3-7 working days to send your order and that excludes delivery time. R450 minimum is only slightly higher than Raru and items in stock are dispatched quickly(not as quickly as before but it’s still a hell of a lot quicker than Raru)

  5. Dan

    It is only rarely that I am in a big hurry to get my order. I’ll happily use the place with cheaper shipping. Takealot’s higher shipping fee and threshold has made me shop there a lot less.

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