TMNT Ongoing #52 Review

With Master Splinter in charge of the Foot Clan, all is not well as some of Shredder’s disciples refuse to follow under a new ruler in TMNT Ongoing. While Alopex
By Byron Hendricks on 25 Nov 2015

TMNT Ongoing #46 Review

After the recent events of Donatello-gate, which shook the comic book world to the core, TMNT has slowed down ever so slightly. The weapons have been put down as the
By Sergio Pereira on 07 Jun 2015

TMNT Ongoing #44 Review

What the heck just happened? You will be left in shock and awe as this issue leaves you emotional after the events that transpire. Without spoiling too much, the war
By Byron Hendricks on 09 Apr 2015