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Superman Is Dying Again in DC’s Final Days of Superman

Death waits for no man—not even a Superman. Although it’s waited for him before. A few times actually. But now the “New 52” version of Superman is apparently dying too. Superman #51 readers recently discovered that Supes has enlisted some

DC Entertainment Reveals First Details of “Rebirth”

Before a packed house of comics retailers at the ComicsPRO Annual Membership meeting in Portland, DC Entertainment Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee provided a first look at the company’s plans for its massive “REBIRTH” title relaunch scheduled for June.

The Top Comic Book Clichés

As much as we really love them, like every other form of entertainment, comic books have their fair share of clichés. Here we take a look at some of the most popular cliches that have haunted comic books throughout the

15 Most Powerful Characters in the Marvel Universe

The Internet has been abuzz this week with the recent list of the 15 Most Powerful Characters in the Marvel Universe. We’re not ashamed to admit to jumping on this bandwagon, too, but for all those who haven’t come across

Must Watch – Superheroes: Eyewitness Reports

Sometimes we forget how much comic books and superheroes are able to shape our lives. They provide us with a sense of hope and something to look up to. That’s exactly what these underprivileged kids needed and it’s exactly what

DC’s 25: Essentially Right, But Not Quite

The last time I was at the comic book shop I picked up the usual promotional leaflets and things you find at the counter. They were adverts for upcoming comic book events, title launches and so on. One was a