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Column: Gamer’s Gift Guide 2016

Christmas is around the corner, and you still haven’t brought a gift for your gamer friend/husband/wife/kid etc. What should you do, you ask yourself as panic slowly starts to set
By Deville Louw on 12 Dec 2016

Growing Up in the Nineties – Part 2

In part one I looked back at television, music and video gaming in the nineties. We laughed, we cried and we refused to accept nineties fashion as a dark period
By Sergio Pereira on 19 Nov 2016

5 Batman Day Purchases Under R150

As much as we love Batman Day, it really falls on the wrong weekend – the weekend before payday. But it’s Batman Day, how can you not celebrate? Being the
By Sergio Pereira on 17 Sep 2016

Will the Joker Be Recast?

Regardless of what you think of Suicide Squad, one thing’s apparent: Jared Leto isn’t happy about his scenes being cut. After reports of his over-the-top antics on set, Leto’s become
By Sergio Pereira on 22 Aug 2016

Why Is Commissioner Gordon Smoking Again?

Over the years, Commissioner Gordon’s been a notorious nicotine fiend. I’m okay with that, I know it’s a part of the history of the character. He’s bounced from pipes to
By Rick Austin on 20 Jul 2016

My First Few Days Playing Pokémon GO

So I have a little confession to make. For the past few days I’ve been hunting Pokémon non-stop and it’s become a kind of an obsession for me. I’m slightly
By Deville Louw on 09 Jul 2016