Future Shock! The Story Of 2000AD – Movie Review

If you want a nice inoffensive documentary, then watch Secret Origins: The Story of DC Comics. It was interesting, insightful, and a somewhat whitewashed documentary about that particular company. However,
By Rick Austin on 13 Apr 2016

Judge Dredd – America Review

The image is striking: Judge Dredd, the lawman of the future, with his boot crushing down on the blood-stained flag of the USA. That was the first image of the
By Rick Austin on 12 Aug 2015

Judge Dredd (1995) Review

One June 30th of this year, it was the twentieth anniversary of the feature film release of Judge Dredd. Did you notice? Probably not. Even if you’re a die-hard fan
By Rick Austin on 22 Jul 2015

FCBD 2015 – 2000AD vs. Doctor Who

It’s the battle of Britain this year, as the galaxy’s greatest comic went toe-to-toe against the galaxy’s greatest Timelord. 2000AD has consistently made their Free Comic Book Day offerings an
By Rick Austin on 04 May 2015

Zenith – Phase One: Review

2000AD has been a platform for some of the top talent in the comic book industry, and a home to some of the most interesting characters and ingenious stories published
By Rick Austin on 01 Sep 2014