Survive The Dangers Of The Amazon In The Upcoming Survival Game Green Hell

Recently, there has been a surge of survival crafting games. From woods filled with cannibals to the depths of an alien ocean, gamers have had to survive in the strangest (and deadliest) of places. Now, the upcoming survival game Green Hell tasks you with surviving the Amazon jungle.

Survive The Dangers Of The Amazon In The Upcoming Survival Game Green Hell

Green Hell is being developed by Creepy Jar, a studio that consists of various ex-Techland (Dying Light, Dead Island) team members and tasks the player with surviving all the dangers that the Amazonian jungle can (and will) throw at you. Not only will player’s have to face off against larger animals but keeping track of your injuries and finding ways to deal with them plays an important role in the game.

Taking cues from the various survival games out there and building upon this players are not only tasked with surviving but also figuring out the mystery behind why they find themselves in the Amazon rainforest. Bit by bit players will be able to unveil the mysteries of why (and how) they find themselves in the dangerous jungle alone.

The game will place a lot of focus on realism, forcing players to not only survive physical challenges but psychological ones as well. Inspecting your body for various parasites, injuries and bite marks will be just as important as finding your next meal or escaping a predator.

While survival crafting games have become a dime a dozen, Green Hell changes the formula up with a realistic environment filled with deadly predators and of course various diseases. It seems just about everything is out to kill you.

Green Hell will enter early access for Windows PC later this year with plans for it to be released on consoles as well.

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