Superman Sandwich Bread

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It probably doesn’t get a whole lot nerdier than this, but geek cook Chris-Rachael Oseland of the Kitchen Overlord cooking blog, which features a host of awesome nerdy recipes, has made a simple baking tutorial on how to make Superman logo bread.

Superman Bread Ingredients

3 cups flour
¾ cup warm milk
½ cup water
1 tbsp yeast
2 eggs
1 tbsp melted butter
¼ cup sugar
½ tsp salt
1 tsp food coloring for each loaf in red, blue, yellow + 1-2 drops black (in blue and 1 in red)

1. To get started, warm your milk to the temperature of a comfy bath. Add the yeast, mix it up, and let it bloom for ten minutes. When you come back, add the eggs, water, butter, sugar and salt. Mix them up until they look like an alien broth.

2. Now comes the hard part. Divide the liquid into three bowls. Add your yellow food coloring to one bowl, blue (plus 1-2 drops of black) to the second and red (plus 1 drop each of blue and black) to a third. These will become my cape, tights, and crest.

3. Add one cup of flour to each bowl. Use separate forks to mix each one until three balls of dough form. Each ball needs to be kneaded for about 6-7 minutes. If you have any Super Friends around, each one of you can tackle a different color.

4. Once the dough balls are kneaded, cover them with your cape and wait an hour for them to rise until they’re doubled in size.

5. When you come back, punch each ball down. It’s not usually okay to hit things, but yeast doesn’t have a central nervous system, so it can’t feel pain. Have fun! Now roll the yellow and red balls out into flat rectangles.

Superman sandwich bread

6. To make my crest, start by cutting the red dough into three smaller rectangles. Fold the red dough twice, like you’re folding a fan letter. If you look at it sideways, you’ll see it already forms a wide S.

superman-step-02 bread

7. Now cut your yellow dough into three pieces. Take one of those pieces and cut it in half, lengthwise. Lift the top fold of your S and tuck it inside. Repeat with the bottom fold.

superman cake -step-03

8. Look at that. You’ve made the middle of the crest! To finish up, roll your blue dough out flat. Cut it into three rectangles. Tightly fold one rectangle of blue dough around your red and yellow S.

superman bake -step-04

9. Let the seam overlap underneath so you don’t end up with some red or yellow bursting through. Make sure to keep the whole thing a neat rectangle with a clear top and bottom.

superman man of steel bake

10. Carefully place your dough into a buttered pan. Be careful to make sure you don’t turn the dough sideways or else your baked S will be at a funny angle.

11. Repeat until you have three loaves of Super Bread.

12. Let the dough rise for another hour, then bake it at 350F for 30 minutes.

man of steel bread

13. Once you take them out of the oven, let the loaves sit and cool for at least 10 minutes or else you’ll end up with multicolored crumbs all over the place. When you slice the bread, remember only one side will look like an S. The opposite, Bizarro-World side just looks like a weird red swoosh. Pay attention to which side is facing out when making your Super Sandwiches.

man of steel bread bake


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