Superman Meets Disney

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Disney animator Robb Pratt (Pocahontas, Tarzan, Fantasia 2000, Kim Possible) has created two really cool Man of Steel cartoons based on the classic 60s Superman. Check out the full video — including some making-of comments from Pratt himself — after the jump!

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2 Comments on "Superman Meets Disney"

  1. MinosTorkas

    THIS IS SO GREAT!!! I´m use to do some animations in my freetime too and so I am impressed as a comicfan and someone who is little bit in this kind of work.
    Thank you so much for doing this.
    This slice of humor you´re adding fits just perfect and makes your version even smarter than a lot of other interpretations that not try to be funny in anyway.
    Go further and please also think about doing more. I would love to see a whole movie like this.
    Greetings from Berlin.

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