Superman, Batman And Wonder Woman Appear In Walmart's New Ad

Retailing Corporation Walmart has launched an awesome new “back to school” advert featuring Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in costume.

The spots are really great production-wise, with the effects and costumes similar to a blockbuster film featuring DCEU’s Trinity. It probably helps that Walmart hired Marc Forster (World War Z, Quantum of Solace) to direct the shorts. The new ad spotlights Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman ahead of Justice League as they arrive in time for school with confidence overtop Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again On My Own”.

“It’s rooted in an insight around confidence,” said Walmart VP-Advertising Chad Fox. “What has more confidence than a superhero? If parents can send their kids back to school feeling like that, then they’ve done their job setting them up for success.”

Send your kids back to school with the confidence of a hero. Get all the gear you need at Walmart.

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  1. Susan M. Mitchell

    Walmart You did a great great job on the new back to school super heros ad. That’s the best I think you have done. I am an old woman and I think it’s GREAT! I love it. Great job! Keep up with the good job. It reminds me of my 7 yr. grandson because he loves the superheroes. Susan M. Mitchell Lynchburg, Va.

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