superman rebirth

Rebirth is here and it has some interesting stories. If you hated Batman v Superman and the New 52, you’ll love DC’s Rebirth. Superman: Rebirth #1 will have a Superman who is married to Lois Lane and has a super-powered son named Jonathan Kent.


Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Art: Doug Mahnke and Jaime Mendoza
Cover: Doug Mahnke
Publisher: DC Comics
In Stores: June 1, 2016


The world needs a Man of Steel, but can Superman protect the world while raising a super-son with his wife, Lois Lane? IT BEGINS: Now it’s Clark’s turn to be Pa Kent and teach his son what it means to be super, but who is hunting Superman’s son-and why?

superman rebirth #1

superman rebirth #1 comic book preview

superman rebirth #1 comic book

superman rebirth #1 comic books

superman rebirth #1 comic book sample

superman rebirth #1 preview


Writers: Scott Snyder, Tom King
Art: Mikel Janin
Colors: June Chung
Letters: Deron Bennett
Cover: Mikel Janin, Howard Porter, Hi-Fi
Publisher: DC Comics
In Stores: June 1st, 2016


Longtime Batman and Eisner Award-winning writer Scott Snyder co-writes with rising star writer Tom King! EVIL 365: Gotham City faces the threat of the Calendar Man!

batman rebirth #1

batman rebirth #1 comic book preview

batman rebirth #1 comic books preview

batman rebirth

batman rebirth #1 comic

batman rebirth #1 comics preview

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