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Superheroes and the themed blockbuster movies are the talk of the town. I think we’ll all agree that superbeings are exceptionally good at what they do, which usually consists of the small matter of saving the world. But, have you ever stopped to think about how relevant, dominant and powerful they are on social media? Who has more clout and influence? Better yet, who could potentially earn more per tweet? Quite an intriguing exercise right?

A new Twitter calculator created by Webfluential allows you to see how much anyone can earn on Twitter. That’s right, ANYONE including Superheroes! In this instance, we’re focusing on two of the biggest heavy hitters in the superhero universe; Marvel and DC Comics. Is there anyone else worthy of mentioning really?

OK, now that we got that out of the way, it’s time to get down to the real business. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!


Two of the main draws for both stables and probably the most recognizable, Blastr describes both characters perfectly: “one has super strength, heat vision and can fly. The other carries a shield. The former bears one of the most recognizable emblems in the world. The latter wears the stars and stripes. One is a superman while the other is just a man.”


superman twitter webfluential


captain america twitter webfluential

Winner: The Cap, by a mile!


The cool kids of each team, both very similar and, in another universe, they could actually be good buddies. VersusBatttle sets the scene and describe these two perfectly, “the genre of depressed billionaire playboy genius philanthropist orphans, who masquerade as superheroes despite having no superpowers of their own, is not a terribly crowded one. There are only two to speak of: Bruce Wayne’s Batman, and Tony Stark’s Iron Man.”


iron man twitter webfluential


batman twitter webfluential

Winner: Marvel takes it again

It’s not looking good for DC so far, is there a revival in sight? Let’s find out…

Wait, before we continue, it’s just become evident that the comparison is not necessarily fair especially when you consider that most of Marvel’s accounts are official and verified, and DC? Well, there’s barely any, for each hero. So let’s level the playing field a bit, shall we? Who knows perhaps there’s hope for DC yet!


dccomics twitter webfluential



Winner: Marvel! Some might even argue that this is where it counts the most, studio versus studio. Whatever the argument may be, fact remains that both stables produce magic in their own different and, sometimes, similar ways. Both are very important to all of us, the comic fanboys and girls…

We could go on forever especially since it’s such a fun exercise, isn’t it? The great news is you can also do this exercise yourself by heading here. Not only can you set up your own duals and challenges, but you can also see how much you (yes YOU) could earn per tweet.

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