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After receiving quite a bit of interest from the recent Supergirl images we posted (with Chloe Moretz and Amanda Heard), we’ve decided to collect a few of the most popular Supergirl fan art based on the Man of Steel. Comments, submissions and ideas are welcome!

Man of Steel alluded to a possible Supergirl character (see image above) in the Fortress of Solitude scene and a comic book prequel. But which actress should play Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El?

By Cameron Fryer
Jeff Chapman Supergirl

By Jeff Chapman

Josh McMahon Supergirl

By Josh McMahon

Chloe Moretz Supergirl

By Josh McMahon


By Iskandar Salim


By SilentArmageddon

Hayden Panettiere Supergirl

By Unknown

Supergirl Fan Art

By Maryneim

Anna Sophia Robb Supergirl

By The SoulEater


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