This year’s Superbalist is Rocking the Daises really rocked our socks off with a massive set of 250 acts, of which were two major international sensations: Mac Miller and Foster the People.

Superbalist is Rocking the Daises 2016

In we arrive on a wet and cold Thursday afternoon at Cloof Wine Estate, and we’re greeted by thousands of cars filled with people itching to get their Daisies bands to enter the festival vibe. We stopped, parked, got our bands and on our way walking to the main entrance, we got offered a lift by two strangers who wanted to abide by Daisies eco-friendly persona. The festival is known to strive and achieve in being one of South Africa’s biggest eco-friendly festivals – and it is. Random people came up to us offering to take our trash to keep the space clean or to give me plastic bags to throw away any accumulated junk in our camping area.

Daisies offered a massive area of space to camp in for the approximately 25000 people at the festival. Although it was cold and windy this year, we can give them a hand up for making it too easy for us to camp in a safe and clean space.

Superbalist is Rocking the Daises 2016

This year the festival added some new flavour in offering a hip hop stage for all those longing hipsters and locals who have been craving to see our local hip hop artists and rappers. MCs included Nasty C, Emtee and AKA, who was an impressive highlight to many.

But the real hip hop highlight has to be the one and only Mac Miller. On a cold Friday night in tightly knit crowd at the mainstage we stood waiting for the Pittsburgh rapper to come out and give a show of “six years worth” as the rapper stated on stage. He performed his new material and gave us a massive throwback of songs from his first album, Blue Slide Park. He gave everyone what they needed and wanted to hear.

Superbalist is Rocking the Daises 2016

Saturday afternoon was a surreal set where our local acts pulled no punches – from Opposite the Other, to Ben Dey and the Concrete Lions, to Thieve and, of course, Matthew Mole.

Then came Saturday night, were SA headline DJ’s like Strange Loving and Yeti at hit the beach bar, and Crazy White Boy at the Electro Dome. All round, Daisies gave us an all-round sound of electronic music ranging techno to synth-pop.

Some downs at Daisies this year were the people who didn’t play by the eco-friendly rules and left their garbage at the campsite after packing up. It was a horrific scene and not something cool to do just because we all know that the Daisies crew will clean it anyway. Be respectful people.

On the other hand, SxRTD2016 this year has become not only one of South Africa’s best live music festivals but also the biggest leveling on par to those of international standard. Make sure to not miss out next year and get to yourself a Rocking the Daises ticket in 2017.

Superbalist is Rocking the Daises 2016

Photography by Aaron Polikoff from Closure Photography

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