Could Super Mario Cereal Be Heading To A Store Near You?

Could A Super Mario Cereal Be Heading To A Store Near You?

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Back in the ’80s, when Nintendo’s moustachioed mascot’s face was plastered everywhere you looked, Nintendo released a cereal call Nintendo Cereal System. This popular ’80s breakfast product contained cereal based on both the Mario and Zelda franchise and also included collectable cards (those were the days). If rumours are to be believed, it seems Nintendo is stepping back into the world of cereal.

According to the cereal focused website Cerealousy, Kelloggs is apparently working on a Super Mario-themed cereal. Cerealously found references to a new cereal based on the critically acclaimed Super Mario Odyssey game. The cereal is said to consist of star-shaped oats with marshmallow pieces shaped like coin boxes and 1-up mushrooms. The best part is that just like the ’80s Nintendo cereal, the new rumoured box will also contain a special prize inside in the form of an Amiibo, which will apparently unlock something in the Super Mario Odyssey game.

Cerealously weren’t the only ones who discovered references to the new cereal. Twitter user Wario64 found mention of the cereal in retailer Target’s database and IGN discovered a page on Walmart’s website for the product. On top of that, a Cerealously reader said that they received confirmation from Kelloggs themselves that the cereal would be hitting store shelves in the United States very soon.

Earlier this year, the gaming giant worked with Post Consumer Brands on a cereal promotion where fans would stand a chance to win one of 500 Nintendo Switch prize pack by entering codes found on specially marked packages.

If this proves to be true, breakfast might just become many gamers favourite meal of the day.

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