List of Super-Bowl XLVII Ads

Super Bowl XLVII Ads

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For those who didn’t follow the news making headlines over the last week, the Super Bowl XLVII took place on Sunday, 3rd February. Apart from the action taking place on the field, the Super Bowl also marks the occasion where most companies launch new brands and products in ads spread out over the 4-5 hour event. According to reports, each 30-second slot would set you back around US$4 million. To put this into perspective, more than 50 ads were aired, some of which lasted as long as two minutes. And this is only where the stats start. Earlier in the week, we posted a few of the movie trailers that were aired during the showpiece. FoS has compiled the list of all 50+ ads that were broadcast during the Game Day.

Here are the links to those movie trailers already posted:

Now for those product/brand ads (in alphabetical order):

Audi — “Prom”:

Axe — “Lifeguard”:

Beck’s Sapphire — “No Diggity”:

Best Buy — “Asking Amy”:

Blackberry — “Z10”:

Bud Light — “Lucky Chair”:

Bud Light — “Journey”:

Budweiser Black Crown – “Coronation”:

Budweiser Black Crown — “Celebration”:

Budweiser — “Brotherhood”:

The list continues in the following pages.

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