Street Fighter Board Game Smashes Kickstarter Target

As a kid, I remember spending an obscene amount of money on arcade tokens for a game called Street Fighter II. It was one of the first fighting games that got me into the genre. Who would’ve thought that the same arcade game I fell in love with would possibly end up as a board game?

Street Fighter Board Game Smashes Kickstarter Target

Well, thanks to a new Kickstarter, Street Fighter might actually be turned into an officially-licenced board game based on the classic fighter that saw warriors from across the globe duking it out. The board game will include Amiibo size miniature figures of the iconic characters, including Ryu, Vega, Sagat, Ken and Chun-Li, with Bison and Akuma available as boss expansions.

Combat takes place on a grid-based board filled with 3D obstacles, which opponents can be knocked into or that can be destroyed. Not only do the figures seem surprisingly detailed but so do the 3D objects such as the obligatory random crates and rack of missiles. Up to six players will get to choose their favourite fighter with their own unique decks and skill moves. Combat is handled by using these specialised decks and dice.

Street Fighter Board Game Smashes Kickstarter Target

As mentioned, players will not only be able to face off against each other but will be able to team up in order to take on one of the game’s bosses.

The game’s Kickstarter has already smashed it’s $400,000 funding goal after just one day, which means that we’ll hopefully bee seeing this unique Street Fighter board game on the shelves soon.

Street Fighter Board Game Smashes Kickstarter Target

Do you think Street Fighter’s mechanics can be translated successfully into a board game? Would you be tempted to buy it?

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