Nostalgia Strikes Again! Stranger Things Soundtrack Will Be Released On Cassette

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Stranger Things Cassette

The cassette tape player is making a major come back in 2017. We recently learnt that eBay is selling Star-Lord styled Sony Walkman for large amounts of money. Now, in honour of the 1-year anniversary of Stranger Things on Netflix, the soundtrack is getting a limited-edition cassette tape release.

Fans of the show can look forward to Lakeshore’s cassette tape release of the Stranger Things Season 1 soundtrack (officially licensed from Netflix and available exclusively at Urban Outfitters) on July 14. It’s a fitting idea considering that Season 1’s score features a lot of 80s style music composed by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. If that isn’t enough, the packaging will also be mocked up to look like it’s a vintage VHS tape and box.

There will also be a vinyl option, which will include a few more extras, like a poster and some character cards.

Stranger Things Season 2 begins streaming on Netflix on October 31st.

The 'Stranger Things' Soundtrack Will Be Released On Cassette

The 'Stranger Things' Soundtrack Will Be Released On Cassette

Stranger Things Soundtrack Vinyl

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