Ster-kinekor Rolls Out A New Era In Cinema Viewing

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A new era in cinema viewing is now a reality. Ster-Kinekor is currently undertaking a massive roll-out campaign to revolutionise movie-viewing by converting all 438 of its cinemas to the latest in digital technology. In line with this national evolution, the full digital conversion of two of its Pretoria sites – Irene Mall and Sterland – has been completed.

With these latest technological advancements, the entire cinema experience is set to undergo a profound change. The picture quality is heightened while the state-of-the-art surround sound greatly enhances the overall viewing experience, as each cinema now comes standard with the very latest digital technology and superior equipment.

Upgrading the cinemas brings with it yet another plus for movie-lovers. The technology means that audiences can now enjoy the release of a new international title together with the rest of the world. South Africans can now participate first-hand in the hype of a new blockbuster release, and be a part of the global conversation as it trends across the world.

In addition to the digital upgrade, audiences at Sterland are in for a second surprise – they can now watch their favourite blockbuster titles in larger-than-life 3D format, with the conversion of one of the cinemas to 3D projection. 3D has ceased being a cinema novelty: it is now an integral part of the cinema offering. It is what movie-goers expect and what they demand, and now Sterland is right up there with the best in the world.

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“Digital technology has profoundly changed the face of the industry, ensuring that our customers ‘see it best’ and ‘see it first’ on our big screens,” says Fiaz Mahomed, Ster-Kinekor CEO.
“This is cutting-edge technology that delivers a quality of picture and surround-sound that you literally have to see – and hear – to believe. It is amazing technology, and we are proud to be leading the way in digital conversion at all our cinema sites across South Africa!”

Digital technology does a number of things: it delivers an image that’s crisper, sharper and more realistic. It also ensures realistic sound clarity. When sound and vision combine with this new technology, the experience for the audience is truly astonishing. It’s a feast for the eye, ear and imagination that simply cannot be rivaled by any other film screening technology.

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“When you see a movie using digital technology, you see that movie the way its creators intended you to see it, with incredible clarity and detail, on the big screen,” says Mahomed.

“It is an exciting evolution in cinema in South Africa, and I am excited to be a part of the dedicated and professional team that is making it happen. This, after all, is why people go to the cinema: to leave reality outside for a few hours, to be captivated and entranced, and to become immersed in the excitement and wonder of a beautifully crafted and narrated story. We are delighted to be able to bring this experience to our audiences,” he says.

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