Ster-Kinekor Rebrands Itself and Introduces Something Big

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I’m sure we’ve all seen the new Ster-Kinekor ad on TV and in cinemas (starting on the 10th September), although there was little known about the second half of the ad, and even less on what it all entails. Today, 20th September 2012, Ster-Kinekor held a press release at the Sandton City theatres to put an end to all the speculation.

SK Event - Big Experience

The event MC was popular actor, Jason Goliath, who lightened the mood with his introduction, as well as having introduced the cast from the ad and Ster-Kinekor Marketing Executive, Doug Place, who spoke about the history of film in South Africa and the role of Ster-Kinerkor has played over the years. Place has this to say about the press event: “Great movie experiences like great moments in life live large in your heart and mind. Some of life’s great moments happen at the movies; first dates, close times spent with family, or even just a fun evening out to see a great film. Ster-Kinekor was born out of a commitment to showcasing movies at their greatest – on the big screen as they are intended to be seen. ‘Great Moments at Their Greatest’ not only encapsulates the scale and impact of the big screen but also the audience moments that happen at the movies in the cinema environment.”

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So what was it all about in the end? Ster-Kinekor has revolutionised the South African cinema experience by introducing Digital Conversion of all their screens across South Africa. To most this might not sound like much, but brings about a true HD experience to a number of movies, starting on the 21st September with Bourne Legacy. Guests at the event were treated to the new digital screenings with the completion of the ad, which impressed the crowd enough to deserve a second look, which the hosts were more than happy to oblige. The digital conversion also means that Ster-Kinekor will be able to align itself with worldwide release dates and better 3D movies.

SK Event - Crowd

If you were a fan of big screen cinema and the experience it brings, I can assure you that you’re in for an even greater encounter. The crowd were entertained with the first 4K screening in South Africa, that of Bourne Legacy, which provided great images with stunning scenery in the opening minutes (but more on that in the full review). I always loved the cinema experience, since I was a kid, and the digital upgrade will only fuel the need to see the biggest movies on the big screen.

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