stephen Lang as Cable

Stephen Lang became a big fan favourite to play Cable in Deadpool 2 almost as soon as it was announced. Even though he initially showed major interest in playing the part, he sadly confirmed that he won’t be playing Cyclop’s time-travelling son.

Stephen Lang, most famous for his roles in James Cameron’s Avatar and 2016’s horror hit Don’t Breathe, has taken to Twitter to reveal his upcoming filming schedule, which includes Mortal Engines and Avatar 2. Deadpool 2 is noticably missing from the list:

It seems the actor’s busy schedule has ruled him out of the running. However, Lang did wish the Deadpool team good luck and was totally up for doing a cameo.

Does this mean that Pierce Brosnan might actually be playing Cable? While the FOX is yet to make an official announcement regarding who will play the character, Cable has been confirmed to be a part of Deadpool 2 and the upcoming X-Force movie.

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