Steam Reportedly Hacked

Steam Hacked Over the Weekend

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Alongside any online presence, there is always the danger of security vulnerabilities when it comes to user accounts and the likes. Gaming profiles are not exempt from this, with many platforms having been hacked over the years. Just as recently as this past weekend, Steam users started reporting account discrepancies when inventory items started going missing. Valve claimed it had only learned of the issue on the 25th July, after Elm Hoe posted the below video.

Thankfully, Steam users have full control of their accounts again with Valve, owner of Steam, having fixed what it called a “bug”, and downplayed the whole occurrence. What transpired was the ability for hackers to take control of a Steam account, locking out the actual owners for that time, allowing them to wreak havoc. All that was needed to gain access was the user’s account name, and via Steam’s Lost Password page follow the instructions to gain access, as demonstrated by Hoe in the video below:

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