The frist mission pack for Nova Covert Ops, the single player campaign DLC for StarCraft II, will be releasing on the 29th of March 2016 in the United states and 30th of March 2016 in Europe.

Those who pre-order the Nova Covert Ops: Mission bundle will receive all nine new missions, which span three sperate packs, for $15. If you pre-order before the before launch you will receive a Covert Ops skin for the in-game Ghost units in StarCraft II.

The DLC will feature classic StarCraft II gameplay as well as new mechanics in the Nova Covert Ops campaign.

In the DLC, players will take control of Nova, the most powerful Ghost the Dominion has at their disposal. Nova needs to take on assignments that would be vital to the survival of the Dominion. These will include infiltrating enemy bases, intercepting planetary invasions and “borrowing” experimental technologies.

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