There are some really hardcore Star Wars fans out there that would love to see the expanded Star Wars universe be returned as part of the universe’s canon.

Recently a group of these die-hard fans paid almost $5000 for a billboard in San Fransisco, in order to petition for the return of the expanded universe.

The sign reads “Dear Lucasfilm, please continue the original Expanded Universe, the epic story that existed from 1976-2014. Thank you.” The sigh was made possible by the Give Us Legends group who were able to crowdfund $4784 in order to pay for the sign.

The groups said that they don’t want Disney to reverse their decision to refer to the expanded universe as Star Wars Legends, but only ask that more of the Legends material be released as a sort of alternate timeline to the current canon universe.

“The Expanded Universe Billboard Project,” reads a statement from the group, “put together by some of the more outspoken members of the Star Wars fan community, has been done with nothing but love for what is now known as the Legends Universe. It is an entirely fan funded and created effort to speak directly to those who have the power to do what we, the fans and consumers, want. It is for this reason that we have pooled our resources, both financial and creative, to bring Lucasfilm this message of passion and appreciation.”

I for one would love to see more of the expanded universe return, who knows maybe some day it will.

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