Star Wars-Episode VII Leaked Footage and Fan-Made Teaser

Star Wars: Episode VII Fan – Made Teasers

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A few short weeks ago, Disney-owned Lucasfilm confirmed the schedule to release the next three films in the Star Wars saga starting in May 2015. Information has since leaked about the return of some of the leading characters from the Return of the Jedi. With two years to go until the release, fans have already started creating a few of their own interpretations of what to expect from the film. The teaser below was was made using details from Knights of the Old Republic along with official audio from LucasFilm.

In a separate venture, a team from Order 66 Creatures and Effects took on an even greater task of creating the same character, Darth Malgus, from scratch, which includes full costume and makeup, all done without any special effects. Filming was completed by Kamil Photography with a Red MX camera.

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