Star Wars-Battlefront III - The Cancelled Game

Star Wars: Battlefront III – The Cancelled Game

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A few days ago news resurfaced from a game long forgotten, Star Wars: Battlefront III. The game was rumoured to be in development sometime back in 2007/8, but was never officially announced to the public. Free Radical, who have since been acquired by Crytek after filing for administration, had been developing the game for quite some time, with progress already as far as the Alpha Build. Footage of this build has recently been released to fans of the franchise, showcasing what could have been. The game was cancelled by LucasArts, most likely due to the company’s financial situation. LucasArts has also since been scrapped by Disney earlier this year, and this week announced that EA would take over all Star Wars related gaming projects.

Here’s a look at the Alpha Build for Star Wars: Battlefront III (also keep in mind that this was in development around 5 years ago). We can expect more footage for the game to be released over the next weeks.

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