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After a lacklustre performance with Star Wars – The Force Unleashed 2, fans may have wanted to avoid the same mishap in the next video game release. This time around, however, LucasArts have collaborated with Industrial Light & Magic, LucasFilm Animation Ltd., and SkyWalker Sound to bring a much more epic encounter, Star Wars 1313. This video game will bring a third person cinematic action adventure, which includes bounty hunters, the Coruscant underworld, and next-level media from all facets.

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The game takes its name from a criminal organization that are based below the surface of the planet of Coruscant, which goes by the name of Level 1313. Unlike (almost all) previous games with Jedi force, in Star Wars 1313 you will have to traverse the Star Wars universe with only your human gadgets and skills. You play a bounty hunter in the lower levels of the city on planet Coruscant. The making of the game included motion capture with real human beings, which includes not just body movements, but facial features as well, the same technology Industrial Light and Magic used for motion capture on the Avengers. You can view more details on the official website.

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