Star Trek-The Next Generation - Original Makeup and Wardrobe Test Footage

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Original Makeup and Wardrobe Test Footage

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Footage from Star Trek: The Next Generation has surfaced, which includes the original wardrobe and makeup tests. Each of the actors take turns in front of the camera, turning their heads and making weird facial expressions. If anything, this footage is a bit creepy, especially with the added background music.

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  1. LinuxMage

    I wish authors/reviewers, whatever the hell you call yourselves, would stick to presenting the material and allow the viewer/reader to decided if something is Creepy or Weird. If you are going to write a few lines of a so “Review” at least try to employ CONTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. Doing so is called being objective as the opinion(s) people have upon viewing the video is ENTIRELY SUBJECTIVE! Personally, I found nothing creepy about background music but the comment bothered me and interupted my enjoyment of the video. For the record–the music used is a typical “New Age” space-futuristic mood ambiance instrumental very commonly heard in the late 1980s into the mid 1990s. As for supposed weirdness of the facial expressions: nonsense! The series was unknown entity at the time this test footage was made. The characters( personality traits) had not been fully developed and it makes sense that a wide range of expression including comical or exaggerated would have been included in a visual test of both costume and character study. In conclusion there is Nothing like an “Educated Fool” to write a lame critique for an Iconic Series and ruin a Fun archival find.

    • Jarrod Saunders

      Lol. Thank you LinuxMage for wasting precious time trolling our site. We’re actually very proud :) Achievement unlocked!

      And yes we understand that they are just doing profiles and testing – it doesn’t make it any less creepy tho.

      I imagine that if you’re this offended by a small write up that you’ll find much more offensive material elsewhere on this site. I’d hate to offend you any further but… May the force be with you as you live long and prosper…

      • LinuxMage

        Since when is the expression of a criticism trolling? Indeed if this were a trolling expenditure–I would not have taken the time to point out what constitutes a Review.. I would have simply insulted.

        #2. Learn to read. I stated that:

        “the comment bothered me and interupted my enjoyment of the video”

        I did not say it was offensive and if you only want comments that agree with you then feel free to delete any(including my mine) or don’t get snippy about it when the negative response appears.

        Kindly, Live Long and Prosper yourself…

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